Technical Instrumentation for industrial and aqueduct processes

We realize control, management, and automation systems for water treatment plants.

Automation, supervision and sampling

The high degree of automation of our plants and the quality of our equipment at your disposal

Thermal waters treatment

We design the complex system of management of a spa facility, providing you with all the necessary equipment

Mineral waters

We don’t just provide the right equipment,
we support you to carry out an accurate study of the design of lines and plants.



When it comes to designing and developing a plant, you don’t just need tools that can manage and control the entire process chain, you need experience to better implement every single aspect of automation, sustainability, and digitalization.
We are specialists in the management of these complex processes. We offer you all the support you need to realize your project, from the supply of products to installation and training for proper use.

All the instrumentation we use is designed, manufactured, and tested by us according to very high levels of testing and control, this allows us to ensure a long life of the product and the safety that each item can be repaired and/ or replaced in case of failure.



Our decades of experience allow us to assist you in the implementation of an industrial system providing you with all the tools and assistance necessary for the construction of complex industrial plants. Experts in SCADA automation systems.



We implement automated systems for purification plants providing all the instrumentation and assistance in the design of a complex system. Experts in SCADA automation systems.



Specialists in instrumentation for the management and analysis of thermal waters, we provide all the necessary material and specific engineering services. Experts in SCADA automation systems



Specialists in mineral water management instrumentation, we provide all necessary material and specific engineering services. Experts in SCADA automation systems.

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The design of a plant requires a deep knowledge of measurement, analysis, and automation systems. An inaccurate system can compromise an entire purification cycle and cause irreversible damage.

Trust on our dedicated water treatment team made up of industry experts, researchers, and technicians who develop patented equipment, after-sales services, and specific skills.

Instruments –  AP.E Engineering

What’s Our strong point? We are manufacturers of instrumentation for industrial and aqueduct processes, we have designed and built them for you.

We know how to install, maintain and use them as best we can.

We guarantee installation assistance and follow you in the after-sales department whatever your problem may be. All our products are strictly Made in Italy and are carefully prepared and checked.